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Don’t put up with large, painful varicose veins for one more day

varicose veinsIf you’re suffering pain, embarrassment, and limited mobility caused by enlarged, twisted, and bulging varicose veins, come talk to us. There’s just no reason to live under the limitations these unsightly, uncomfortable veins can bring. Not with advanced microphlebectomy on your doorstep.

At General Vascular Surgery, our skilled and experienced doctors perform this minor surgical procedure in the comfort of our offices in Alameda, San Ramon, and San Leandro.

Microphlebectomy is considered to be the “procedure of choice” for removing large surface varicose veins. Although Microphlebectomy (also known as ambulatory phlebectomy) is a surgical technique, it is minimally invasive — nothing like the old-school vein stripping your grandmother may have had.

During microphlebectomy, your General Vascular physician makes tiny incisions (no bigger than 1.5 millimeters each) through which he removes those big, bothersome, bulging veins. The procedure lasts one-to-two hours and is done in our office using a local anesthetic.

Benefits of microphlebectomy:

  • Requires that only very small incisions be made (no stitches necessary).
  • Uses only localized numbing medicine to keep you comfortable.
  • Minimal risk of scarring & excellent cosmetic results.
  • Covered by most major insurance carriers under specific conditions.

After your microphlebectomy procedure:

  • We’ll wrap a compression bandage around your leg.
  • You’ll wear the bandage until the next day.
  • Because of the bandage, be sure to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment.
  • Very little downtime: Most people return to work and normal activities the next day.

For more information about microphlebectomy in the East Bay, or to schedule an appointment, call Vascular Surgery Medical Group at 510-357-4006 or 925-831-0101.

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